FEBRUARY 4 - MARCH 15, 2003

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TH, 2003   |   6-8PM

In conjunction with the publication of:
DOODAAA: The Balletic Art of Gavin Twinge
Book signing by Ralph Steadman (Bloomsbury, 2002)

Gallery@49 is pleased to announce the opening of “Who? Me!! No!!! Why Not?”, an exhibition of mixed media drawings, paintings and sculptures by the renowned British illustrator and writer, Ralph Steadman. The exhibition, which marks Steadman’s first New York showing since 1974, will include more than 30 of the original pen and ink, watercolor, and collage drawings, photomontage and three-dimensional assemblages in Steadman’s most recent illustrated novel “Doodaaa, The Balletic Art of Gavin Twinge” (Bloomsbury, November 2002).

Best known for his biting political and social drawings that skewered American culture in the 70’s, Ralph Steadman began his career as a cartoonist in the 1950’s. Through the years he branched out into many other artistic fields. Working with the American writer Hunter S. Thompson, Steadman co-founded the movement known as GONZO journalism, the definitive book of which is “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. He has illustrated more than 50 books, including classics such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Treasure Island” and “Animal Farm”. Recognized as a vivid and imaginative writer in his own right, Steadman has also achieved prominence as the author of numerous self-illustrated books, including “I, Leonardo", “Sigmund Freud” and “The Big I Am”.

“Who? Me!! No!!! Why Not?” is a portal into DOODAAA, and following the novel’s purpose as a parody of the art establishment, the exhibition itself is filled with provocative visual and verbal puns. The artist not only challenges art conventions by presenting works signed by the book’s main characters, his alter egos Gavin Twinge and Ralphael Steed, he also investigates the nature of art and the viewers’ responses. Steadman’s style is distinguished by satire, symbolism and spontaneity. He is one of the few illustrators who have managed to blur the division between “serious art” and cartooning. As writer Will Self has remarked, Steadman’s drawings “evoke an entire universe of visual comprehension.The Steadman line is instantly recognizable, a slashing, excoriating spurting trajectory of delineation that rampages across the page. It is the draughtsman’s equivalent of a high-velocity rifle bullet, and it hits its targets either messily, or precisely, but always unerringly and invariably with extreme prejudice” (New Statesman, 2001)

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