I would rather drink water than soda. How to Use Had Better, Prefer and Would Rather, Example Sentences Prefer Prefer; In contrast to ‘would rather’ prefers refer to general preference, not current ones. See examples of Had better in English. The modal “should,” and the semi-modals “ought to,” and “had better” are basically used to express recommendations and advices. We are going to leave early. Now! Had better is similar, but it's used for more urgent advice with bad consequences if you don't follow it (eg. (Present continuous) (“had better” is not usually used in question form) These examples have the same basic advice message, but “had better” is a bit stronger. See this study for examples and the contexts where each of these words is preferred! Google shows 11 examples of "had better not have told," like this: "¢ And I just had better not have told her she was 91! They would preferyou coming tomorrow. Can / could - exercises May / might Must / have to Shall / should Will / would Mixed modals - exercises Had better Home. (Past) Not: You had better stopping the car at the roadside. (I had better) More Examples I would rather drive than go by bus. Index of contents. You had better not buy another car now.. 3. Now decide which form is needed in these 8 sentences: 1. You ___ not be late again or you’ll lose your job. I would rather quit smoking. Had better carries an indirect threat. You had better visit him one of these days. You had better quit smoking or you'll die). (Future) Not: She had better watched the documentary last night. (Present) We had better get up early tomorrow. Had better - modal verbs exercises. Example Sentences I preferbicycle to motorcycle. Lesson by Sebastian, teacher at EC Cape Town English School. Let's move on to had better. (than pay for it) I'd better leave before it gets dark. Prefer is followed by a verb in the -ing form and ‘to’. of these marauders, and the Heratis had sent word that all they could do was to pay tribute, and, if that were insufficient, the shah had better march to Herat. You had better buy the tickets now.. 2. He had better quit smoking. Using had better. You'd better tell me what happened. They may also be used individually in preference to one another in certain contexts to express some meanings including past events, probability and obligation. High quality example sentences with “had better not” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English Answers. Had better is stronger than should and ought to. We had better not depend on him.. 5. Do we preferdrinking tea to coffee ? Examples: You had better ( ‘d better) go now before the store is closed. You had better stop quarrelling with her.. 6. It includes the idea of a warning: something bad will happen if you do not follow my advice. You had better stay in the hostel.. 8. _____ ("Had better not have" does not always carry the warning message, however. Should - ought to - had better - would rather - supposed to exercises elementary, intermediate and adavanced level esl. 1 Browse other sentences examples → 1. Real sentences showing how to use Had better correctly. You had better lock the door before you leave.. 7. You had better take this medicine.. 4. I had better publish this book soon.. 9.